Miscellaneous Tips

Add the fsimcluster column to your AWS management console

Once you’ve deployed a simulation once with the manager, the AWS management console will allow you to add a custom column that will allow you to see at-a-glance which FireSim run farm an instance belongs to.

To do so, click the gear in the top right of the AWS management console. From there, you should see a checkbox for fsimcluster. Enable it to see the column.

FPGA Dev AMI Remote Desktop Setup

To Remote Desktop into your manager instance, you must do the following:

curl https://s3.amazonaws.com/aws-fpga-developer-ami/1.4.0/Scripts/setup_gui.sh -o /home/centos/src/scripts/setup_gui.sh
sudo sed -i 's/enabled=0/enabled=1/g' /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-CR.repo

The former two commands are required due to AWS FPGA Dev AMI 1.3.5 incompatibilities. See