7. AGFI Metadata/Tagging

When you build an AGFI in FireSim, the AGFI description stored by AWS is populated with metadata that helps the manager decide how to deploy a simulation. The important metadata is listed below, along with how each field is set and used:

  • firesim-buildtriplet: This always reflects the triplet combination used to BUILD the AGFI.
  • firesim-deploytriplet: This reflects the triplet combination that is used to DEPLOY the AGFI. By default, this is the same as firesim-buildtriplet. In certain cases however, your users may not have access to a particular configuration, but a simpler configuration may be sufficient for building a compatible software driver (e.g. if you have proprietary RTL in your FPGA image that doesn’t interface with the outside system). In this case, you can specify a custom deploytriplet at build time. If you do not do so, the manager will automatically set this to be the same as firesim-buildtriplet.
  • firesim-commit: This is the commit hash of the version of FireSim used to build this AGFI. If the AGFI was created from a dirty copy of the FireSim repo, “-dirty” will be appended to the commit hash.