4. Manager URI Paths

Some keys specified in config_hwdb.yaml may be specified as a URI

4.1. URI Support

A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which specifies a protocol supported either directly by the fsspec library or by one of the many third party extension libraries which build on fsspec.

Please note that while use use the fsspec library to handle many different URI protocols, many of them require additional dependencies that FireSim itself does not require you to install. fsspec will throw an exception telling you to install missing packages if you use one of the many URI protocols we do not test.

Likewise, individual URI protocols will have their own requirements for specifying credentials. Documentation supplying credentials is provided by the individual protocol implementation. For example:

For SSH, add any required keys to your ssh-agent.

Please note that while some protocol backendss provide authentication via their own configuration files or environment variables (e.g. AWS credentials stored in ~/.aws, created by aws configure), one can additionally configure fsspec with additional default keyword arguments per backend protocol by using one of the fsspec configuration methods.