Running Fedora on FireSim

FireSim supports running a fedora-based linux workload. To build this workload, you can follow FireMarshal’s quickstart guide (replace all instances of br-base.json with fedora-base.json).

The final step is to run this workload on the real firesim RTL with full timing accuracy. For the basic fedora distribution, we will use the pre-made firesim config at firesim/deploy/workloads/fedora-uniform.json. Simply change the workloadname option in firesim/deploy/config_runtime.ini to “fedora-uniform.json” and then follow the standard FireSim procedure for booting a workload (e.g. Running a Single Node Simulation or Running a Cluster Simulation).


For the standard distributions we provide pre-built firesim workloads. In general, FireMarshal can derive a FireSim workload from the FireMarshal configuration using the install command. For more information, see the official FireMarshal documentation.