Supernode support is currently in beta. Supernode is designed to improve FPGA resource utilization for smaller designs and allow realistic rack topology simulation (32 simulated nodes) using a single f1.16xlarge instance. The supernode beta can be found on the supernode-beta branch of the FireSim repository. Supernode requires slight changes in build and runtime configurations. More details about supernode can be found in the FireSim ISCA 2018 Paper.


Supernode packs 4 identical designs into a single FPGA, and utilizes all 4 DDR channels available for each FPGA on AWS F1 instances. It currently does so by generating a wrapper top level target which encapsualtes the four simulated target nodes. The packed nodes are treated as 4 separate nodes, are assigned their own individual MAC addresses, and can perform any action a single node could: run different programs, interact with each other over the network, utilize different block device images, etc.


The Supernode beta can be found on the supernode-beta branch of the FireSim repo. Here, we outline some of the changes between supernode and regular simulations. The Supernode target wrapper can be found in firesim/sim/src/main/scala/SimConfigs.scala. For example:

class SupernodeFireSimRocketChipConfig extends Config(
  new WithNumNodes(4) ++
  new FireSimRocketChipConfig)

In this example, SupernodeFireSimRocketChipConfig is the wrapper, while FireSimRocketChipConfig is the target node configuration. Therefore, if we want to simulate a different target configuration, we will generate a new Supernode wrapper, with the new target configuration. For example:

class SupernodeFireSimRocketChipQuadCoreConfig extends Config(
  new WithNumNodes(4) ++
  new FireSimRocketChipQuadCoreConfig)

Next, when defining the build recipe, we must remmber to use the supernode configuration: The DESIGN parameter should always be set to SupernodeTop, while the TARGET_CONFIG parameter should be set to the wrapper configuration that was defined in firesim/sim/src/main/scala/SimConfigs.scala. The PLATFORM_CONFIG can be selected the same as in regular FireSim configurations. For example:


We currently do not provide pre-built AGFIs for supernode. You must build your own, using the supplied samples on the supernode-beta branch.

Running simulations

Running FireSim in supernode mode follows the same process as in “regular” mode. Currently, the only difference is that the standard input and standard output of the simulated nodes are written to files in the dispatched simulation directory, rather than the main simulation screen.

Here are some important pieces that you can use to run an example 32-node config on a single f1.16xlarge. Better documentation will be available later:

Work in Progress!

We are currently working on restructuring supernode support to support a wider-variety of use cases. More documentation will follow once we complete this rewrite.