Running Fedora on FireSim

You can boot Fedora disk images pulled from upstream on FireSim simulations. These instructions assume you’ve already run through the tutorials.

Fedora currently requires some tweaks to the Linux configuration. To rebuild Linux with this configuration, first head to sw/firesim-software and replace the linux-config-firesim file with deploy/workloads/fedora-uniform/linux-config-firesim and then re-run ./ in sw/firesim-software. This will build a copy of bbl-vmlinux that is compatible with Fedora.

Next, head to deploy/workloads and run make fedora-uniform. This will download the latest version of the disk image and apply some patches to it to ensure it functions correctly on FireSim.

Finally, you can change your workload to fedora-uniform.json to boot Fedora on your simulations.