Running Fedora on FireSim

You can boot Fedora disk images pulled from upstream on FireSim simulations. These instructions assume you’ve already run through the tutorials.

Building a FireSim-compatible Fedora Image

To download and build a Fedora-based Linux distro for FireSim, do the following:

cd firesim/sw/firesim-software
./ -c fedora-disk.json build

Testing or customizing the target software using QEMU

Before running this target software on FireSim, you may choose to boot the image in QEMU (a high-performance functional simulator). From here, you will have access to the internet and can install packages (e.g. by using dnf install foo), download files, or perform any configuration tasks you’d like before booting in FireSim. To boot an image in QEMU, simply use the launch command:

./ -c fedora-disk.json launch

Booting Fedora on FireSim

In order to boot Fedora on FireSim, change your workload to fedora-uniform.json in runtime_config.ini and boot as usual.