Managing the Conda Lock File

The default Conda environment set by uses the lock file (“*.conda-lock.yml”) in conda-reqs/*. This file is derived from the Conda requirements files (*.yaml) also located at conda-reqs/*.

Updating Conda Requirements

If developers want to update the requirements files, they should also update the lock file accordingly. There are two different methods:

  1. Running --unpinned-deps. This will update the lock file in place so that it can be committed and will re-setup the FireSim repository.

  2. Running scripts/ This will update the lock file in place without setting up your directory.

Caveats of the Conda Lock File and CI

Unfortunately, so far as we know, there is no way to derive the Conda requirements files from the Conda lock file. Thus, there is no way to verify that a lock file satisfies a set of requirements given by a requirements file(s). It is recommended that anytime you update a requirements file, you update the lock file in the same PR. This check is what the check-conda-lock-modified CI job does. It doesn’t check that the lock file and requirements files have the same packages and versions, it only checks that all files are modified in the PR.